Singing in the Shower

Singing along

There’s something about bathroom tiles. I am not sure if it’s the smoothness of their texture (wiped clean once a week by my landlady’s very own baai) or the delightful violet colour of their form. But the moment I step into the shower and it begins to pour in torrents, the sleeping singer in me wakes up.

It so happened this morning that I got up bedraggled and in a weep-at-a-whistle kind of mood.

Once I had picked up the first clothes I could lay my hands on (I was in no mood to fuss over how green doesn’t go with blue for instance), I dragged my feet to the bathroom. Even your Bengali genes can’t come to the rescue today, I thought as I rubbed my eyes. Those years of learning music in junior school and being told off by the sweet little music-mistress when she learnt I wasn’t continuing – nah, all put to dust.

I generally get a playlist going as I get ready for office. “Lovely Mornings” it’s called, this assortment of beautiful love songs that I have got together. My laptop lay silent today, tucked away in the confines of the steel cupboard. I half attempted a go at “Bhage Re Mann…” – the Sunidhi Chauhan song from Chameli reminds me of moonlit nights, grey rimmed clouds and soft, melodious rain. But sadly, the usual studio-like-echo/shadow/whatever it’s called that the shower lends to my voice played hookey and I stopped.

A good fifteen minutes later, I turned off the shower and exclaimed at how late I was getting. As I blow dried my hair, stray strands of “Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumaar…” came to my ears. It was probably the vada-pau wala outside my flat: the breakfast solution for scores of Pune-ikars in the area.

The song hasn’t left my lips yet.

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34 thoughts on “Singing in the Shower

  1. I am not a romantic inside the bathroom. In fact since college i have stopped singing inside the bathroom. But the act is quite cathartic in itself, only if everyone could agree with yourself that “You sing like a pro”. heh.

    Very nice read. Keep writing.

  2. A lot of people do that! I on the other hand, would use my hand shower as a prop to dance. To make the back drop more majestic, I even use the lather from my shower gel to blow bubbles..

    Next I want a house with a good speaker system in the bathroom. It’ll make the dancing easier. On the other hand, we should build our bathrooms close to each other, I’ll dance in my bathroom while you sing in yours 😛

    • Bubbles in the background sounds absolutely ethereal. Reminds me of those gadgets balloon wallas sell in fairs.

      Haha oh yes that would be good. In that case, we need to make sure the tiles are not just cute, but sturdy. They shouldn’t shatter with my singing/your dancing. 😛

  3. What is it with weep-at-a-whistle moods? You know you’re supposed to steer clear from Lovey-mushy songs, but you just can’t help playing them over and over again. I’m like that too

    Idiots, aren’t we?

  4. I have been told a number of time to keep my mouth shut when i go to the bathroom.. the reason being with my HORRIBLE voice i tend to wake up everyone in the neighbourhood …. 🙂

    but hey I ENJOY it he heh e

    • Haha good thing that – your neighbourhood can do without an alarm clock. 😀
      I haven’t had such complaints yet (or maybe the shower’s too loud to let my voice escape)

  5. U said violet? I would lovvve them 🙂
    That’s a beautiful song! There’s one song which has not left me today too 🙂 And it is Zara zara behakta hai 😉

  6. Bathroom singing… We all are awesome in that… There is something about the shower, it makes you sing no matter what… And in my case I end up singing and whistling even while driving 😀 😀

    • Exactly. The shower is our own personal soundless karaoke. 😀
      Arrey that must be such fun too. I can’t be in a car and not listen to music. It’s like bread and butter, or jam for that matter. 😀

  7. I am a great fan of shining bathroom tiles 😛
    One spot and you’ll see me running to grab my armor to bring back their sparkle 😛
    But the bathroom never stimulates the singer in me,maybe this is why I am very rarely, if ever late to work 😀 😀 😀
    Have a fantastic Friday 😛

    • Ooh yes shining tiles look great! I remember how Nani would say a clean bathroom reflects on the cleanliness habits of the house people.
      Haha good for you. I have to cut down on the shower time on working days but I compensate by long drawn ones over the weekends.
      You have a great Friday too! 😀

  8. Haha, well i am not sure about the tiles, but my friend has that stretchable hand shower thingy, and i just cant stop singing item songs like “Munni badnaam” or d latest “Tinku jiya” whenever i get a chance at that! 😛

    Nice musing! 🙂

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