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Who crept into Pune early this morning?

The sun’s woken, the deal’s now spoken, on my bicycle I am rushing along,
Though speedy the pedal, the wind does peddle – a blush, a spring song.

The sun wakes up

Blossoms in pink dressed, newly washed and pressed, gleefully now dance,
The blue skies bloom, young buds mushroom, bees await their chance.

The pink blossoms

Beyond lie more hues, in long colourful queues, pastel-brushed they smile,
The bougainvillea they spy, I nod in admiring eye: gaping they go on a mile.

The Boungainvillea

The heavens now invite, in sparkling shades of white, houses aflutter watch.
Ethereal looks the haze, I wonder as I gaze, would it stop by my porch?

The blue skies

The breeze is down, I stop – a slight frown, the nubile dawn is hence a day,
Though the sun glorious gold, attempts to withhold, spring I see, will stay.

The glorious sun

Wishing you a very Happy Spring, Pune!

Thanks to Pallavi, I know spring’s arrived in darling Delhi too. :D


Picture Courtesy: Yours truly, Rupesh Kumar

About Deboshree

~D.B. The one who loves to cook up abstract stories about all and sundry.

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  1. looked fresh and nice rays!

  2. ooooohhh!! aaahhhhh!!
    now i feel sooooo nostalgic. damn i miss pune now. gorgeous pictures btw.

  3. Beatiful pics and beautiful post!! Keep up the good work!!

  4. Your photos are veryyyy pretty. :)

  5. Wow Deboshree! So sweet poem and the pics too! Thanks a lot dear…..You write about my dearest Pune. I love you! Keep writing….and it’s so beautifullllll! Happy Spring to you too!

  6. Nice blog. Look fwd to you articles on Delhi. Winter is a good time. So do all your wandering in the month of march when it’s not to hot. explore the ruins of the not so well known monuments and old delhi’s gallis.

    • Hello Mukund.
      Yes, with Delhi extremes are the norm. I have spent all my formative years exploring this galli and that – look forward to doing that again.
      Thanks for dropping by! :)

  7. Very pretty pics and beautifully described…. :)

  8. Lovely! That magic touch for detail, is all yours!

  9. I love blossoms! :) Purple ones are prettier! Super post!

  10. “The sun’s woken, the deal’s now spoken, on my bicycle I am rushing along,
    Though speedy the pedal, the wind does peddle – a blush, a spring song.” lovely starting
    & blooming bougainvillea silently announcing the spring.

  11. very nice.. send some this way tooo we need it so much in UK..

  12. Wonderful poem, you brought spring right down here.

  13. the words and pictures look like they are made for each other! ;)

  14. Enjoyed the Pune spring through your post :-)


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