Preparing for Christmas in Pune

XMas @ Pune Central

Amazing Christmassy Cottage @ Pune Central

Yes it snows on my blog. Thanks to WordPress for helping us get the Christmas-is-around-the-corner feel. Even more so because packed away in Pune this year, I am desperately missing any other pre-Christmas environmental symptom.

This time of the year it’s deliciously wintery in Delhi. The mornings dawn misty, the afternoons lovingly sun-baked, the evenings chilly. Perfect cuddling-around-the-bonfire material. As December draws to a close, you can almost visualize sky sledges and wavering tree lights in the night sky.  My coffee mug here at office brings me to reality. But being the Christmas person that I am, I am determined to make the most of what little even Pune has to offer in this regard.

Maybe I am reacting too soon. Even though the weather does little to make the air festive, the people probably do. In fact I remember walking in to Pune Central last year and catching sight of an awe-inspiring X’mas setup: a gigantic sleigh with Santa sitting snugly inside, reindeers tugging it along… all done suspended by strings. Cinemas probably deck up nice big trees and airports have dummy gifts wrapped in bright colours arranged all over the place. Do bakeries have plum cakes that are soft and spongy? I’ll have to check on that.

The truth however remains: Christmas is about home. And even if it suddenly starts snowing huge rounded flakes here in Pune, I’ll keep reiterating that Delhi has a magic no other city does. Yeah, the new moon and crime connection, you are possibly mumbling. But trust me, if you stay away, the best gift you can get (or give yourself) for Christmas is a trip home.  The very mention of home brings to my mind visions of Mom running about filling my stockings with gifts, Dad setting up the lights in the balcony, Dada sunbathing on the terrace in his five layers of clothing and Ma stirring a stew that deliciously smells of roast chicken and onions.

Ah! I am allowed to dream aren’t I? Maybe I will go some weekend and get festoons for my flat. Pune – my work home for well past a year now – deserves its own share of my X’mas madness. Until then.

Picture Courtesy: Rupesh Kumar

2 thoughts on “Preparing for Christmas in Pune

  1. No matter how many festoons .. nothing can really chirp up the work flat 😦 .. ask me as I rot away while the rest of the family has a proper turkey and white Chirstmas at Zurich 😥

    • Aww 😦 I am flying home for Christmas and am saving up those promised festoons for home anyway…(I ain’t a sadist :D)
      Hope you manage to have a spot of fun over X’mas anyway, though without family is a major, major missing piece.

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