P.G. Decoration Tips…5 ways to spice up your dull abode in Pune

Call it the Diwali hangover, but I  have lately been in complete house decoration mode. My overpriced little room on SB Road no longer seems dull and drab.  Since the furniture was something I couldn’t help (no, MKCL doesn’t quite run showers of wealth) but there were other things I could change  to lend the place aesthetic appeal.  Though I say it myself,  I am pleased to announce my efforts have paid off. So bored PG inhabitants, listen well:

1. Get yourself a bright new bed sheet with cushions to match:

Few things add as much to the dullness of a room as a dowdy bed. I got myself a smooth pink bed sheet with roses all over and loud (and pink) as it did seem when I bought it, you won’t believe the stunning effect it has had. Along with an assorted pillow and bolster cover with two small cushions on either side, the bed looks fit for a queen.
Total Investment: Rs. 500 /-

2. Dress up your window… get some theme based curtains

My sympathies go out to the windowless. I cannot imagine living in a place that hasn’t a lookout to the world. Maybe you can try one of those illusionary paintings that depict a window with a scenic (often 3D) view. I am fortunate my room has a pretty wide window sill that opens up to Nilgiri Heights – posh high-rise apartments that cost a loot. No matter how big or small the window is, do not forget dressing it up in thematic curtains that go with the bed sheet. You can even try a few beads in multi colours to add that extra glitter.
Total Investment: Rs 800 /-

3. Clear your wardrobe of disorder and jumble

A haphazardly done wardrobe can be an eyesore. Take out time to get things in order, arrange your clothes according to when and how you wear them, and club your accessories in neat piles. Trust me, a little effort can go a long way not only in prettifying your room but also in avoiding agitated eyeballs when Mom turns up for a visit all set to crib about how their girl is losing her feminine streak of neatness.
Total Investment: An evening, at most.

4. Get your room to lose some emptiness…go out knick knack shopping

It’s festival season in Pune and with some amazing exhibits lined up in store, the creative you has never had it better. If you missed out on the Utsav exhibition which ended before Diwali, check out the Sakal festival scheduled 12th to 21st November in College of Engineering Ground (Shivajinagar). Get yourself a new flower vase, a brightly coloured coffee mug, a wind chime or two. Or you can get a fish tank like my roommate (it is another story that it’s become a war zone now…. more on that later). Little things go a long way in lending to your place that homely appeal.
Total investment: Rs 50 and above

5. Acquire a bean bag or a rocking arm chair

A Blue Bean Bag
Like I said, you may not be able to help a creaky cot or cracking walls (though if you have a team and your landowner’s permission, you can try some wall painting). But you can definitely afford a cozy bean bag for you to recline and read. They come in bold blacks and lovely blues among other shades and are a sensible plus beautiful investment. You can also try an armchair if you have a little more space. It has a certain wooden and rustic charm and is now priced afford-ably.
Total Investment: Rs 1200 /-

So this weekend Pune-ikars, wear your housewarming masks and get set go!


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