Diwali Wish list… all I want this festive season

Tomorrow is Diwali and though MKCL hasn’t really gone all out in celebration,  I am counting on my mini Delhi vacation to shake the cobwebs. The bed sheets have been changed, new cushions brought in and I am all set to inundate my Ganpati with a smacker of a Diwali wish list. Tighten your seat belts bhai for I wish this Diwali :

* helps me become a better person who is happier, warmer and more loving. I hope you bless this time of new beginnings by washing away our sins and dusting off skeletons from the closet, only to colour our lives with fresh and bright new shades.

* helps miserly landladies realize that lighting up only their floor with bright streamers renders the floors they have given out for PG accommodation lifeless, thus lending to the house in entirety an ugly, semi illumination.

* brings to my cute loved ones plenty of wealth and prosperity and better willpower to keep up with my stringent economic charters. I hope you also bring them all they dream of, in surprise packages laced with love and laughter.

* showers my salary account with bonus and PLA to last me a year through. Rest assured, your share of laddoos goes in for a hike as well.

* lets in Lady Luck dressed in her best finery to make me persuasive and convincing enough for my decisions to hold water. Go humour her bhai, no one can do it better.

* brings to Pune a sensation of good old Delhi winter… though the Delhi winter is inimitable in her romance and mystery, Pune can at least aim for morning and evening chills that makes one wish they had a shawl.

* brings to our home dry fruits and chocolates and sweets with silver paper and yummy chicken on Kali Puja night. And yes, I will share all you get me.

* cures Dada of his joint pain and enlivens his legs with the same spirit he had when we would go out for morning jogs and collect bottle brushes from the house across the street.

* sets the ground for me to pet a dog sometime next year. Sometimes I go the way-too-messy way and at other times I am awwing at how cute that little poodle is. This Diwali I need my kitties (and myself) to make a decision regarding the new woofy playmate.

Gee. I am excited. Hope all of you out there have a super Diwali and have your wishes met “…just like yours got approved.” as Ganpati would say.


One thought on “Diwali Wish list… all I want this festive season

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