MKCL’s Atpata Collection… fashion advice for the bored office goer


1st November is drawing near and with that we MKCL trainees will complete an entire year of making lives easier for students all across Maharashtra. A few stopped me the other day as I was wiling away my weekend in Crossword and asked me if I was the one who assigned their names and PRNs (permanent registration number) to hidden variables and filled fancy ASP grids with their examination schedule details.

But client review it seems isn’t enough to warrant a pay scale raise and we await the A-word with bated breath. Appraisals are due soon and it is with trepidation that we speculate the weightage behind a good/bad and a PA/SPA (for the uninitiated, they stand for Project Associate and its senior version) entry in the Excel sheet.  Earphones have ceased playing blaring music, chit chats have long left IP messenger windows. Tea times are going the lunch way and preparing to get saddled and streamlined into a 5 sips and you’re done scheme.

Before dress codes limit themselves to bows, ties and coats, I take pleasure in presenting to you some nuances of our daily office wear, collected this very morning.

A crisp if duplicate Levis T-shirt with a catchy slogan and a bright red jacket on top – it’s all you need to spice up another boring Tuesday morning.
Model: Manish Kumar

Want to zing up your typical office wear? Look again – your collar button may be suffocating you. Is your cuff sleeve  too preachy all tied up? Go ahead, leave a few buttons open. Make sure they are the right ones though.
Model: Rupesh Kumar

Intimidated by pointed, shiny formal shoes that gleam of sincerity? There’s nothing like a good pair of sturdy sports shoes to retaliate. They go with everything, are sturdy and ideal for rainy Pune weather.
Model: Rishi Tiwari

Say goodbye to hair induced boredom with colourful clips for your hair. They keep your mane in place and present an interesting sight when you happen to look into the mirror with exceptions and errors-strained eyeballs.
Model: Deboshree B

These sandals aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. They work like a charm to ooze that novelty quotient when you’re otherwise all decked up in a prim shirt and well ironed pants. But even a hint of  shabbiness and you end up looking bedraggled. Caution advised!
Model: Shashank Tiwari

That’s all we have right now. If we manage to go unjailed, I’ll be back. Until then.


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