Homeward Ho!

I hear the cats are ready, wish washed behind the ear,
Collared up and clothed as the eighth is finally here.

The house so decked up stands, the colours all of a glow,
And the potted plants now wet, lie glistening in a row.

The terrace freshly scrubbed, the clothesline stripped,
Unruly weeds spliced, the brown dust whipped.

Fragrant the kitchen I believe, with delicious things to bite,
Gift wrapped hordes of goodies, ribbons unfolding at sight.

My family of four debates, riotous plans are shaped,
A corner hastily cleaned, the television newly draped.

I close my eyes and wait, the streets of Delhi come alive,
Into the car everyone’s stuffed, early they wish to arrive.

To my high-school swing I’ll return, my monsoon hideout will scoff,
The years rewind to long past, as my flight finally takes off.


One thought on “Homeward Ho!

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