In Fond Memory of The Lost Cubicle

They have this six months-new place rule here in MKCL. You need to give up on all the moh-maaya around your cubicle and demurely shift to the newly allocated spot. The mail made its rounds the other evening, declaring the new arrangements to be w.e.f the 15th of July. But as trolleys moved about and systems got shut down to brace up for shifting, it was evident the change would be as early as the next day.

So it’s my second day in my naya naya cubicle and I owe my old place an ode. Here goes.

Six months have I spent with you,
O corner cubicle in the pantry lane,
Overhead you kept bottles of blue,
To mirror your white desk so vain!
Your keyboard rotates on rubber dried out,
Your drawers sans support they stand.
The rusty chair inks the floor black,
The mouse jumbles, the wires sprout!
Ill the broken key, craves a helping hand,
Measly your switchboard, the quirkiest in the pack.

But no matter what tumble your state is in,
I miss the lull and your infectious quiet.
My new place I feel has too much of a din,
And trespassers they can turn up to bite.
The drawer’s not as clean and it’s queasy if you please,
The extension works not, my phone sits dead.
My pathway’s all twisted and oh did you know?
The Oasis crowd sneers and how they tease!
The cold here takes me to my red quilt and bed,
At this rate an overcoat I will soon have to tow.

I steal a glance at you, your new occupant in place,
Grimly you stand, is that a tear that trickles down?
My route up to you now is all of a maze,
Sadly we’re now in two poles of the town.
I will wave to you mornings when for tea I go,
A goodbye at night when I leave for the day.
We’ll grin aloud when over your shoulder you stare,
And envious will be Mr. So and So and So.
Stay good darling cubicle, we’ll keep in each other’s way,
Apart in spirit we cannot be, and to sunder can’t anyone dare!

P.S.: I am not mad. I am just eccentric. =)


3 thoughts on “In Fond Memory of The Lost Cubicle

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  2. @Rupesh
    Aha, you and your brand new cabin. Congratulations once again. =)

    I am yet to fully adjust with my new place and its set of several drawbacks. Sigh!

  3. All i can do
    is feel sorry for u n them
    but cant stop myself
    telling u how happy i am

    i should thnk all DU guys
    for broadening my grin
    coz they gave me
    my own cabin

    now here i am
    in my cosy cabin
    remembering the day of july 15

    that pleasant shift and
    their outgoing rolling machine
    it was all my pleasure to see
    my cube changing into cabin

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