Rain in Pune

When in Pune it will rain, the sky mushroom with patches of  grey,
Then by the window I will sit and quietly watch the clouds sway.

The little kid on the first floor, with his wild unruly hair,
With a start he’ll flee inside, from behind his Mom stare.
The trembling creeper on the outer wall will grow more  unkempt,
But the scornful oak right across will merely smirk with contempt.
The thunder from distant lands, will grumble in despair,
The ram shackled hut sadly though, will be damaged beyond  repair.
Hand in hand loved ones will walk, from under an umbrella smile.
Fairy stones now glistening wet, will scamper up the stile.

With a cup of coffee and a tune or so, I’ll watch the monsoonal lane,
I’ll keep an eye in case you arrive, when in Pune it will rain.

31 thoughts on “Rain in Pune

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  2. I had a wonderful experience of picturising your beautiful thoughts on rain .

    It was rainning last night …along with the tune “Ab ke sawan aaise barse ” by Shobha Mudgal.The experience is an ecstatic one.

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  5. It reminded me of my Pune-Mumbai express highway trip in monsoons 🙂 I’ve got pictures too from that trip..in fact that was trip taken for a blogger’s meet in Mumbai in year 2010 🙂

    you write well, haven’t I said it already 🙂

    • The Pune-Mumbai expressway is spectacular in the rains. I can keep staring and staring at the hills in the distance, the green and the mist. Wow, a blogger’s meet sounds fun. I have always missed the Indiblogger ones. 😦
      Thank you so much! 😀

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    • Thank you, thank you N! 😀 Personally, this verse means a lot to me. It was written on an afternoon – a time of my life – that I will always cherish. Really happy you liked it! 😀

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  10. ah! perfect combination of a cup of coffee and watching monsoon.love the thought of it and thanks to you for reminding monsoon.I must mention about the lovely pic which you have captured.

    • Indeed, coffee and rains go hand in hand. (with pakoras for that matter) I wish it would rain sometime – there’s something magical about untimely rain.
      Yep, the highway looks beautiful in the monsoons – a friend of mine forwarded that pic to me.

      Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  11. With a cup of coffee and a tune or so, I’ll watch the monsoonal lane,
    I’ll keep an eye in case you arrive, when in Pune it will rain.
    —– I so hope your eyes got to witness what your heart spelt our so wonderfully n the fingers assisted away in glory!

    Wow… that the Bong madness i love 😀

    ya ya call me racist .. am proudly so :mrgreen:

    • Yes the rains brought all that and more and am I glad! 🙂
      Hee hee hee delighted you liked the poem. The rains make a poet of all alive and in possession of an accessible heart.

      Ditto on the Bong madness. High five! 😀

  12. I feel bad to see this piece get commentless. I was never a succor for public eye, but art deserves some accolades. This one surely does. I love rains. its depicted beautifully through yours. Nice rhyme. The rhymes are not a constraint as they are in most places. Good good.
    Keep sharing.

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