Friday the 14th and my Top Ten Complaints

It could very well have been the 13th considering the hideous state my heart is in. My computer screen seems the friendliest to me today – it’s been patient with my mood and is still right in front of me, stable and unblinking. So Dear HP Computer, do hear out my list of grievances and prayers. Even though you can hardly help, at least you are someone who will listen. And allow me to undo and redo and re-wish and re-cap as many times as I want.

1. My hair feels abominably frizzy! And it was just the other day I washed it. I detest this jam-sticky summer. I will now have to spend quite a bit of Sunday morning (which wouldn’t begin before 11 considering the insomniac nights I have been spending all of this week) pampering my mane.

2. In continuation with #1, I feel sleepy. Not in the I-could-doze-off-any-moment kind of way but more of a tired-heavy eyed-listless manner. I crave for a night or so of sweet sleep with dreams that sing of fairies and fairy towns.

3. I want to go for a nice easy-watch movie with a nice easy-going friend. I want to have popcorn in the interval and a chilled large coke to sip from. I want to go out for dinner and have a sizzling brownie for dessert.

4. I want some appreciation for my work. I want to be told that I am doing a good job and I want a pat on the back with a warm reassuring smile.

5. My wardrobe needs replenishment. I want to go out shopping. For clothes, shoes and accessories. I want to spend an afternoon browsing through this and that and come home with an armful of shopping bags.

6. I want to be pampered. To be shaken by the shoulders and asked what’s wrong. To be offered a chocolate and a knowing smile. To have my hair ruffled and my hands held and be hugged tight.

7. I want to be gripped by a song once more – a tune which stays on my mind from the moment I wake up to the moment I go off to sleep. A melody that makes me feel alive, beautiful.

8. I want to go off for a holiday. To some quiet place on the hills. I want to go for a walk by myself on winding lanes between rows of oak. I want to sit down on a big boulder by a stream and watch scampering rabbits.

9. I want to tell Mr. Irritating Laughter to shut his trap. I want to ask Mr. Blind-and-Deaf if he really is oblivious to everything. I want to quit being affected by things I can’t change. I want to go back to someone for whom I am the only one who matters.

10. I want a wishing well, a silver winged angel, a pixie with playful eyes. I want to wake up tomorrow morning to a wonderland with jingling bells and gleaming, twinkling lanes.


10 thoughts on “Friday the 14th and my Top Ten Complaints

  1. how sweet And allow me to undo and redo and re-wish and re-cap as many times as I want.

    1. Just the state of my hair right at this moment,sigh!
    2. awww
    3. Why does it seem like whatever I wish to do now,today,is being written on my screen right now? :rolls:
    4. You’re the best Debby, trust me,come here- {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}
    5. Ahhh, the always in need wardrobe of mine 😉
    6. come baby come 🙂
    7. So did you find a song yet ?
    8. Umm well just a minor change for me..beach it is!
    9. All the best 🙂
    10. May all your mornings be such 🙂

    though this is a 2 year old post and my responses on these 10 points don’t matter much but I couldn’t help posting a comment here 🙂

    • So super sweet of you to go through these old posts! *hugs* Brings back good old memories for me!
      Thank you for all the support, the comfort, the sharing of laments and the best wishes. You are a darling. 😀

  2. Seriously, Delhi is literally boiling, to say nothing of load shedding and water problems. Pune is cooler for sure but I too am waiting for the monsoons for so many reasons… 🙂 a trip to Lonavala topping the list…

  3. I have my fingers crossed & hope I do go somewhere in 2010. Will definitely upload the pics on my blog.
    Wise decision, Delhi is boiling hot with temp between 43-47°C. Desperately waiting for monsoon to get relief from the scorching heat. 😦

  4. Wow, lucky you… I hope it will materialize after all.. Put up photos.
    I have a holiday due in October but that’s reserved for home in Delhi.

  5. Hey Peter! 🙂

    Rightly said, problem #1 got solved even earlier than Sunday and #2 isn’t hard to deal with.

    Yes, we are going for Kites Friday night so this problem looks solved as well (assuming the movie doesn’t disappoint me.) I have never had brownies at KFC; I am a rare KFC go-er considering chicken isn’t my thing. So maybe, I will give it a try… Haha rightly said, multiplexes are designed to loot but once in a while, you cant help fall in the trap…

    😦 Yup. Shopping has to wait till next month.
    LOL D will surely have oodles of advice for #6. But then that’s dangerous turf…

    Oh man, how did you know I have a soft spot for Ladakh? I’ve wanted to go there forever but something always seems to come in the way…

  6. Some possible solutions:

    I believe you have already dealt with compaint #1 & 2.

    #3 you should have gone for Robin Hood, however this weekend ‘Kites’ will take the center stage. Dont have cola, its way to expensive in the multiplex as there is no suchthing as MRP. Try the brownie ice-cream they serve at KFC its pretty good

    #4 Be patient

    #5 Again this months half over, wait for your next pay cheque

    #6 & 7 Consult ‘D’ she can help you out

    #8 Leh Ladakh the coolest place to be

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