Once upon a time in Oasis…

Only For MKCL Employees


All persons appearing in this piece of work are strictly non fictional. Any resemblance to anyone, still in MKCL or out, is absolutely non-coincidental.

Concept Courtesy: Sneha Sinha

In fond memory of:

Akshay Patekar (Jan-Feb 2010)
We hope you are having a wonderful afterlife, packed away snugly in Cognizant. College Registration module will forever be thankful for your services.

Rupesh Kumar (Feb-Mar 10)
Made for bigger and better things like the esteemed Ministry of Health, you couldn’t devote your time to students signing up for drab courses and preferences.  We understand. When your kids want to study in Maharashtra though, you know where to go.

MKCL fondly presents,

FYJC – First Year Junior College

Scene One
Location: MKCL Branch Office – a bright pastry pink, typical tumbledown Government office den.
2:15 PM

Act One:
A group of seven trainees newly produced from an assembly line training session trudge into a tiny conference room. They play with a flower vase, listen to some music and analyze a map of Maharashtra on the wall while waiting for a senior or two to surface.

Enter Mohan Sir – the heart and soul of Oasis – the guardian angel, the protector.

Mohan: Welcome to Oasis guys. I should tell you that we believe in a very family oriented working environment. There will be no qualms about an extra holiday you need or a function you can’t miss. Work of course goes on…

Contented sighs from the group. Frantic nods of approval as other veterans drop in to talk about the various projects Oasis deals in.

Rishi (to himself): Looks like I can get into R & D. And the people seem so… homely. Mom is going to be pleased.

Scene Two
Location: MKCL Office, ICC B Wing
10:15 AM

Act One
Sneha is at her desk, swallowing into memory the various complex business rules of FYJC. Rishi codes away on his prize pet – the much hyped PDF generator.  Rupesh is hard at work on his innovative Drag and Drop functionality which he hopes to integrate with all the projects in Oasis.

The IP messenger goes alive with a polite little – Tea and Coffee is ready. The screens of the early birds pretending to work are locked in the blink of an eyelid. A few eyes wander over to the door and heads shake as latecomers walk in on tiptoe.

Akshay picks up a cup of tea and hushes Pradnya before she can start shouting from rooftops.

Akshay: Okay so I am leaving. Pradnya, take a deep breath. I have yet to resign after all…

Mouths pop open and cups stop midway.

Cognizant it seemed had stolen away FYJC’s prized possession. The rest of tea time sees glum faces and pulled down chins.

Act Two

8:00 PM, one misty February dusk

Laxman is parading from one desk to the other, his expression one of desperation.

Laxman: For the hundredth time, will someone please check in my Application Form page? Please, please?

Sneha pipes in. “It isn’t with me! And I will be thankful if my seat distribution part is left alone.”

Laxman: But the last time I was here things were different!

Sneha: Huh, we don’t disclose everything to B.Ed migrants.

Laxman: Look, I have work on the business layer so –

Pradnya (from atop her cubicle): Guys I wanted to ask if layered hair would suit me?

Rishi emerges from his cave just then, heaving a sigh of relief. “Did I hear anyone talking of Application form?”

Laxman looks at Sneha who looks back at him. Mohsin Sir glances over in their direction, his sigh possibly the biggest so far.

Scene Three
Location: A compartment in Goa Express
11:00 PM

The Oasis picnic to Goa is over for the year, to live on in pleasant dreams and memories. The blue mood everyone is in on this journey back to Pune has been accentuated by a phone call. Mohsin Sir grimaces as he stares out of the window.

Mohsin: This is absolutely absurd. Reaching home at 4 in the morning and … how on earth can I report early to office?

Ganesh Sir, still in his blue Go Goa attire, makes an entry to command everyone to sleep.

Some more grumbles, “agar Anoop yaha hota…”, “in another company” and deep breaths later, everyone is off to sleep. Rishi is one of the earliest to bed, well aware of how Mohsin Sir’s timings could afford a flexibility his lacked.

Scene Four

Act One:
Location: MKCL Office on an exceptionally hot day, literally and otherwise.

The click-click of Jayesh Sir’s keyboard hasn’t stopped for a moment in the past two hours. Laxman hasn’t popped his neck from his cubicle to glance at Rishi, who in turn is almost inside his computer screen. Sneha is testing with a vengeance, showering anyone who cares to ask with bugs.

FYJC is at its peak. Option forms, grievances and application forms need to be finalized asap to lure the student into believing Maharashtra is the best education option they have. Their very own personalized candy shop with a 300 line procedure exclusively to change the name, birth date, fridge err… school name of the candy.

Anoop Sir’s umpteen controls are being used to the optimum. If only there were more Content Boxes in the world, there would be less developers losing hair.

A checkbox that should have been a radio button and a label that should have been a textbox – spaghetti syrup is what Oasis-ians have begun to have for dinner.

Mohan Sir sends for Mohsin Sir and says with a genial smile -“Mohsin, I was wondering could we place a dropdown instead?”

Act Two

Almas Ma’am desk is often the quietest corner in Oasis. She works silently and loyally, not fluttering an eyelid despite the many design changes that keep coming in.

Mohsin: (working on the newest requirement change) If the entire world was as flexible and volatile as the requirements Sandeep Sir brings us, then God save us!

Ganesh: Hush, look at Almas. Does she ever complain?

Mohsin: (smiling) But how can she? She is the sweetest thing on the planet… she won’t complain even as we attack this box of delicious rice flakes I can see on her table…

Work halts for a rice flake break as the rest of the office wonders what the excitement is about.

Act Three

The usually cheery faces in office seem sullen and worked up. There is a crowd near the FYJC team location and a dire discussion ensues.

“How on earth can such a major issue go unnoticed?”
“But we did proper testing…”
“Oh you mean, the issue is imaginary.”
“No but…”
“The date for God sake! A runtime error!”

Sweaty palms are working on resolving a runtime error that had surfaced during a serious round of testing. For a day since the Date Drama, the FYJCians had to be reminded that life goes on.

Scene Five
Final Act
Location: KFC, JM Road

Most of the FYJC Team is celebrating over chicken and coke. The project successfully done with, the woes of testing behind them.

Mohsin: I am glad it has all worked out…I am sure this year has been much better than the last.

Jayesh: Sure thing. Everyone’s worked very hard.

Mohsin (staring at his ringing cell phone): Looks like we are getting congratulatory calls. Hello?

Mohan Sir’s voice comes back, booming and serious.
“Mohsin, we have encountered a bug…”

—  The actors bow and the curtains fall. Until the next year, it’s  a goodbye from the FYJC Team —


2 thoughts on “Once upon a time in Oasis…

    • Na na… this was a very niche thing I wrote for a team at office and published it here only for wider reach, so to say. 😀
      It’s about this much-hyped software project that they work on every year.

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