Top 10 reasons to be a workaholic

Neck deep in work…tonnes of coding and styling and prototyping to get through…dreaming of dawn and dusk for dearth of seeing them in reality any longer… and you’re loving it? There, you are a workaholic. And for the ones who shake their heads in either envy or disdain or mere contempt, this is for them to know why being a workaholic rocks in so many ways.

1. There is little time to sulk over this guy/girl you used to like who-avoids-you-now yada yada yada. They can go to hell for all you are bothered.

2. You get wonderful undisturbed sleep. Yes, you do run the risk of getting err, technical dreams but that’s something that can be worked around.

3. You eat just right and stay in shape without a gruelling – to the pocket more so than the calories – gym. Being so neck deep in work, you donโ€™t get hours to spend over lunch and hence eat less. But you are hungry for dinner and it all balances out.

4. Chances are you earn a good reputation in office. Think appraisal, bonus, promotion. Life is rose-coloured!

5. You suddenly find an increased tolerance towards honking cars and mobbing crowds. They make for quite a welcome if noisy change from the drab, always air-conditioned silence of your office.

6. Cosmetic finesse becomes a moot point to you. Where is the time to do elaborate wardrobe selection when you need to report early to office? Wives/mothers/partners/room-mates are now a happy lot – you like whatever they buy for you!

7. If you live alone, you are spared the agony of facing an empty room at the end of the day. You can go back, shower and hit the sack.

8. Your life seems raging with festivals and celebrations. It was only yesterday that you attended this New Year party and amidst all the deadlines, you never had to wait for Christmas bells. They are already ringing in your ears as you tread across the snow on your way home.

9. You can safely stay away from the material pettiness of the world. How your neighbour parks his new Mercedes right outside your gate or how your first cousin’s mother’s brother passed a comment on your maternal uncle’s new liftman cease to be issues.

10. To come back to where it all started, you can show theย  guy/girl you used to like who-avoids-you-now yada yada yada that you too are a sincere employee who has zilch time to lend to their moodiness. I love work honey, or didn’t you know?

Any more reasons anyone? When you surface from work, let me hear of them. ๐Ÿ™‚


*Comic Strip Courtesy: Google

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