Did you say Cricket?


*In fond memory of my hopes of RCB winning the IPL  2010 and grieving the loss of DU at the MKCL Premier League – excuse the cliche. Next time we’ll show the world. Hum honge kaamyaab!*

What does it take to excite an already excitable Oasis-ian and make him peer out of his familiar content box territory? Not much. But what does it take to distract a white collared DU-ite from his alluring Dotnet screen? And make the high-tech Solar team members disembark from the quiet A-Wing? No, parties and events and even appraisals may fall short. The foolproof solution, it was decided, is good old Cricket!

The Chargers and Challengers from the (in)famous IPL would probably have practised less intensively than the MKCL teams managed within a week. Come 5:30 and it was goodbye to development, unless you are talking of developing bowling techniques of course. Pawan, a DU-ite currently working on Rayat, felt it takes a good one hour to warm up. His testing agency shut shop at 4:30 regularly. The evening tea would see morose leftovers marking attendance and cribbing about how it wasn’t fair on the girls.

With the official cheerleader failing to turn up on the first day of the tournament, her team ran out of luck. Oasis could but watch as DU smashed and struck. Not to forget of course, the menacing wides and other extras that kept popping up. They did however manage to defeat the A wing team, thus paving their way to the finals scheduled the next day. A few bruises wiser, Oasis then was not to be conquered. Whether it was Laxman’s district level expertise that paid off or Pawan’s Brahma blessing that turned out to have loopholes – we’ll never know. Oasis lifted the imaginary trophy and posed for the shutterbugs with elan.

The sandwiches and Frootis arranged for the occasion were a huge success – considering they were the only material reward received. Next time onwards, we hear, bidding will be entertained. The invites for the MKCL Team Christening ceremony will soon be dispatched. (Free passes for anyone who helps me sort out silly browser compatibility issues.)

As congratulations went on till late into Monday morning, DU planned revenge. We’ll let them have their fifteen minutes of fame shall we. “The table tennis tournament will desertify your Oasis…” thinks Pawan with a devilish grin.

MKCL Cricket Tournament


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