The Resignation Drama

Few things are as slyly exciting at work as the news of someone’s resignation. Hidden cameras notwithstanding, here is a firsthand account of some of the reactions a recent such headline evoked in office:

Disgruntled employee unhappy with his current package: She’s going to get a whole four thousand bucks more. And here I sit and slog all day to earn a bare *insert salary here*!

The smart cookie who’s had enough of website designing: Maybe they’ll design some games there…bubble poppers like in that Samsung mobile I saw? Lucky thing. Not that I am sticking around here much longer anyway.

The training-shirker who’s had enough of books: So this means she goes through another six months of teach me this, tell me that. No thanks!

Guy next door who believes the heart is where home is: A job in Delhi for God sake! She gets to stay at home, be with family and oh well, even save all her money. What more can one ask for?

The excited geek who knows it’s his turn next: I am studying, I am studying. Soon it will be goodbye to these dumb educational sites and I can finally make atom bombs. Yeay!

The friend of the resign-er who hadn’t expected it at all:
I will have to come to office all alone. Why does everyone have to leave? Drat it, I will miss her!

I can see a farewell party in store. There won’t be any teary adieus for software professionals aren’t supposed to be sentimental. If at all an exception pops up somewhere, all you need to do is catch it before it bobs up to the surface.

The cubicle she occupies now will remain empty after she leaves. Her colleagues will walk past it, remarking on its emptiness for a day or two. They will work and have tea and eat lunch much the same as they used to.

And one fine day, the emptiness will be filled with a new recruit.


5 thoughts on “The Resignation Drama

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  2. Thanks a lot Kenneth! Congrats to your ‘resigning’ colleague. πŸ˜‰

    LOL yeah, its strange how petty money looms large when you are frustrated with things.
    Like you said, the Friend always suffers. People going and coming is such an inevitable but rather blue part of life.
    Haha I so agree abt the making fun part – its such fun to be sly sometimes! πŸ˜›

  3. All the points stand so true. Was just speaking to one of my colleagues who secretly showed me his offer letter πŸ™‚

    Four thousand bucks more & I can finally make atom bombs… cracked me up!

    The friend of the resign-er is always there thinking who am I going to talk to; who will accompany me during lunch breaks; Yikes! we made fun of all the rest together, hope they didn’t notice πŸ˜€

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