Shades of the Sea

Shades of the Sea

I steal a glance up at you,
when you’re looking out at the sea.
One big grin – a sparkle in your eye,
you’ve forgotten all about me.
You walk on by the impish blue waves,
as the sun descends for the day.
You hear me not when I call out,
and there’s so much left to say.
I sit by you – sometimes – you smile,
the world one breath of paradise.
And then she comes, the moment lost,
I sigh and feign surprise.
And after she goes you sometimes ask,
‘You sure everything’s all right?’
The ceaseless roar of the ocean then,
fails to mask my delight.

I wish you’d question me more often,
perhaps some answers I’ll find.
For as the current scenario goes,
I’m convinced I’m out of my mind.

Title Idea: Wake Up Sid


2 thoughts on “Shades of the Sea

  1. I think this is wonderful šŸ™‚ there is a amateurish touch as well as the out of the box thinking touch too šŸ™‚

    P.S. I love the movie Wake Up Sid!

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