How not to let a weirdo at work ruin your day

I know it all, do you?

You go to office one fine post winter – pre summer morning, with a song on your lips (wait, would that be Hey Ya from Karthik calling Karthik? I can’t help but continue to be enamoured by the way Farhan is and looks and sounds…For a change, I will also grant Deepika some credit. The hairstyle is downright amazing!) So I was saying… one fine day like this you are all full of good intentions for the entire world and then – inhale – comes the spoil sport.

The ever grumpy, the ever over-confident, ever bumptious colleague who can’t get enough of blowing their own trumpet. Such days creep in silently, stick around refusing to end and leave you with a bad taste in the mouth. You argue, you play the blame game, you snort and groan. So much for a day that could have been… oh well.

So instead of allowing them to push your spirits and more down the drain, here’s what you can do:

* Make sure you nod at them amicably once a day. They hate it if they sense being ignored. You will find yourself being badgered all the more if you follow the complete avoidance path.

* Go buy yourself some patience. Not too much of an investment considering the hair loss it can save you. Patience will come in handy when you have to force yourself to lend them an ear at work.

* Keep your pair of headphones handy. When the trumpet seems too loud or too prolonged, music comes melodiously to the rescue.

* Do not speak ill of them to other fellow workers. They may seem to be as fed up with them as you but you never know…Walls have ears too and didn’t they tell you of the time they stared at a wall and it crumbled down in front of their eyes?

*Β  Do not get provoked. You may be tempted to argue back, to cancel out their supposed trail of unparalleled glory by a bit of your own. Do not do it. Ever.

* Add to your list of monosyllabic and silent answers. A simpleΒ  ‘Hmm’ of feigned acknowledgment goes a long way in warding off an hour-long lecture.

Finally, if nothing works out, take a deep breath and go join the old people in their early morning laughter sessions. Some flies buzzing around your nose are not safe to swat after all.


15 thoughts on “How not to let a weirdo at work ruin your day

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  2. lol , nice guide that πŸ™‚

    by the way could you please tell me where do I get to buy patience? cause that is a must while dealing with anyone and everyone in your life πŸ˜‰

      • aaah if only shut up could do us good 😦 hehehe we need to keep exploring for the stores that sell patience πŸ™‚ seems like it is costlier and rare than diamonds and gold ? πŸ˜‰

  3. Most of these pompous know-it-all actually do not listen.They ignore you, no matter what you say. You should say the most random things, they just need some sound to come out of your mouth. Thats all.

    • Yes, random generally works. Diamond cuts diamond doesn’t – it’s that way with weirdo handling too. πŸ˜€ I doubt these people ever have conversations.

  4. This SO SO comes at a right time for me. I am dealing with a big moron! He is four steps ahead of all the ‘know-it-alls’… Arrgh.
    Anyway, the tips come handy and I am copying the text and saving it on my machine for future reference. Thanks 😐

  5. @Arun
    Haha I couldn’t agree more. They work for me too and I usually throw in an “I’m proud of you” at the end. =)
    Political correctness is so boring, yet so important at times.

  6. @kennethpeter and @Debby –

    Fake acknowledgments … I use two simple words whenever I want to keep such a person happy and yet not comment … “Interesting” or “Wonderful” … !! Works like clockwork for me πŸ˜‰

  7. @kenneth:
    I completely echo your thoughts on Farhan. I am awed at the plethora of talent that he has… and his sharp wit ans sense of humour never fail to enthrall me.

    Thanks for commenting! πŸ˜€

  8. fake acknowledgments normally work…unless you get caught for lack of interest or sincerity.

    On Farhan – he’s a great actor; singer; host; director etc etc… really liked his performance, singing and acting skills in ‘Rock On,’ the songs were mesmerizing and stayed on my playlists for months.

  9. Hey coderoom!
    Option # 2 seems super alluring – both for him and people like me who are err fortunate enough to be working with (thankfully not under!) him. I somehow find myself agreeing with #4 too at times. He does come up with interesting ideas once in a while… But their presentation his general supercilious attitude are such turnoffs that all else is lost.

    But considering you accept you too have been through this phase, I am hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel. πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for dropping in!

  10. A confession: once upon a time, I was that guy :-/ Luckily I grew out of it, but maybe I can help by saying that:
    1. He still hasn’t realized that being right isn’t the same as being liked, but all he really wants is to be liked.
    2. In a few years time he’ll either have moved on and will realize what a jerk he was, or
    3. He’ll get stuck like that and will never learn anything new, never improve. Meanwhile, you’ll be learning, growing and becoming awesome, so you can brush off his opinions now and let him have his say, knowing that he’s stuck in a dead end and will never amount to anything.
    4. If he’s a programmer, he’s a Budding Genius for sure and maybe always will be, while the rest of the world gently mocks his naive arrogance πŸ™‚

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