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Thank you Mom for lending me your organizational skills. I can only aspire to keep my desks as clean and in order as you kept my study shelves back in school – but yes I am not bad. :D

So here goes for starters a neat and easy to refer reminder list of my favourite bloggers here on WordPress and elsewhere:

*Dynamic* List of *Worth your While* Blogs:

#1. 42 Quirks-A one-man magazine…: Riding along with Pune’s evening traffic on Radio Mirchi, Shrikant Joshi writes here about his quirks of which he isn’t sure there are exactly 42 but ‘the number comes pretty close…’

#2.  I, Me, Myself I, Me, Myself…a world I weave, I love and live : A look into Sashu’s poetic world, painted in all colours of the rainbow.

#3. As Usual So DifferentAs Usual So Different-Consistently quirky..: Shuba and her interesting look at life

#4. नज़्म – ए- रूप:…… कुछ शब्द जिन्हें छंदों में पिरोये हैं मैंने: Rupesh may be a recluse when you come to the blog updation question but his poems are well worth the wait…

#5. Bakwaas Baatein: The name says it all. ;)

#6. Chai Ki DukaanChai Ki Dukaan: This dukaan is sure worth a visit (more so if you like dohes)

#7. Deviant WaveDeviant Wave: Sagaraika has something to say about everything and like it or hate it, you can not ignore it.

#8. GodyearsGodyears- there’s a fly in my soup again Mr. God: Roshan the word weaver puts to words his unique eye for things.

#9. INQUISITION-The Debate continues…: *space kept for a description that eludes me at the moment*

#10. Inversed PoignancyInversed Poignancy- Passion, Paroxysm and Poignancy: idhar uhar ke thoughts from Bharath’s brilliant mind

#11. Ityaadi: Aditya’s perceptions and observations of the world around him

#12. Overdrive-An eccentric rambler on life’s lessons and mercies, found and lost…: Usha’s straight from the heart takes

#13. Perceptions: Deeps shares her perceptions about the big bad world and her own private one with her daughter and husband ‘around whom my life is woven.’

#14.Soumya ScribblesSoumya Scribbles-Some Memories are hard to hold on So I put them on words.: A fantastic collection of poems by Soumya

#15. The Bohemian Way- …The Wanderlust of My Soul!: Ankur presents here his ‘bohemian’ poems nonetheless all beautiful

16. Through the Lens of a Vagabond: Stunning pictures and write ups from different walks of nature by a you-guessed-it, vagabond.

#17. Todd Pack’s Messy Desk-Family, pop culture and anything else that comes to mind: Todd’s desk is one place I would love being kept messy! :D

#18. The Flibbertigibbet BlogThe Flibbertigibbet Blog- Musings from a Flibbertigibbet Mind: Relatable and interesting pieces of life by a self claimed ‘flibbertigibbet’ :D

#19. Yield Thought-It’s not as hard as you think: Wonderful on-the-job advice for the poor darlings of the I.T. field

#20. Tony’s Book World Mostly the Good Novels, Stories, and Plays: The Book Review Place by Tony…

#21. Expressions...Expressions: Tanishka’s ravings and rantings about this, that and them.

#22. The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker: Indian homemaker here brings up socially relevant issues in a very engrossing and interactive way. The life and times talked about could very well be yours or mine.

#23. Dog with the blog: A true blue canine delight for doggies and their owners alike.

Tomato Blog#24. TOMATO BLOG: Joshi’s journey through life, flavoured with the redness of tomatoes!

#25. Je Suis Blogging: Bhavia brings you a roller-coaster ride brimming with experiences, observations and crisp writing.

To Be Continued…

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  1. Prashant Bhardwaj

    I did not know Chai ki Dukaan featured here, till someone hopped on to the shop from this page! Thank you for the mention :) Really appreciate it!

  2. Thank You for mentioning my blog; I really appreciate it.

  3. I hope one day my blog will also feature in your list.

  4. Thank you :) I am impressed with your organizational skills! :)

  5. Nice Collection. Read some of them its good. Keep this place updating.
    Madhav’s Magic Blog


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