JUST IN: We are back in Saddi Delhi! Back to the madness and spice of the capital city.

(Till Pune calls me back again…)

“A year and more old in Pune, I am now quite a veteran. Moving here from Delhi has been a paradigm shift in many ways. Be it the headscarf-countered pollution the city has or the sweetness of the vegetable gravies, I am bowled over by the somersaults the place has brought to my being.” 14 February 2010

I am now several years years old in Pune, though I sometimes alternate with time spent in Delhi. Here are some mad musings as I go along further exploring life in – as the railway station claims – ‘the Macroman City’.

Macroman City, Pune

So, who authors this place?

Yours truly, Deboshree, Debo, Debby. And there are 94 more names. (Check  with extended family for reference.)

I am not the recipe type, you know…

Who said this is a recipe blog? One look at my kitchen and you will know I am the last person you want to come to for food. All I can get you is Maggi noodles and a blog dedicated to Maggi would be stretching it I believe…

So, what is this place about then?

Living alone in Pune after a lifetime in saddi Delhi. The weirdos I meet along the way and the couple of good souls. Packing bags for a quick vacation and eating out some random nights. The dogs and cats and horses of the place. Poetry that arrives on horseback when rain pitter patters on the glass window. A stray moment stolen in Delhi. Stories that the two cities weave in my mind -

Alright, alright, but why paneer and pulao? You almost got me confused.

My apologies. It’s just that I was praying for some food to come my way one hungry afternoon last year and magically, paneer and pulao came to my platter via a little restaurant near my flat. I decided to grant them the ode they deserved.

Oh well, maybe I’ll tag along.

Thank you, thank you. Pune’s worth it.

What you should know about this place:

  • We moved to Delhi for a bit in 2011. We were then called “Saddi Delhi”, a name arrived at through debate and discussion. Samples below:

“Of Paneer, Pulao and Pune” Moves to Delhi: Suggestions Please!

As things stand, I will be moving back to Delhi in a while. Not for good I hope, for there are many untied strings left to settle here in Pune, but I will be unable to capture the city lights for some months. I have been wondering:

* Should I continue posting here when I am in Delhi? Wouldn’t the title be a misfit?

* Should I start a new blog under a Delhi-cized name and continue my tales there?

* Should I allow this blog to go on a sabbatical and revisit when I am back in Pune?

I haven’t arrived at a solution yet. If you have a suggestion in this regard, please do drop in a comment below. Much appreciated! :)

  • P&P is what “Of Paneer, Pulao and Pune” is fondly called and yes, he loves the name!
  • R refers to the better half, the good man in Pune who loves me.

Thanks a lot for dropping by and we hope to see you around often! 

86 thoughts on “FAQs”

  1. Debo,

    Every time I end up here in your blog, it never ceases to leave me without zeal in my heart and a smile on my face. You are turning to be one of my most favorite writer!

    1. Rose! It’s always a pleasure to hear from you, my girl. :) How have you been?
      That is an exceptionally sweet thing to say. Thank you for the honour. I hope I can continue entertaining you with my writing. :)

  2. Hi,

    I have written a thriller named ‘THE ORDEAL’. It’s available on Flipkart.com, ISBN 9789381115428. Would you kindly review it?

    1. Hi Mangesh. Sorry about the delay in responding; I was out of town. The book sounds interesting… drop in a word about how I can receive the same and I would love to review it. :)

  3. Hi!
    I would like to get my novel ‘And God Made A Mistake’ reviewed by you.
    Please let me know if u r interested. I’ll then ask my publisher to send u a copy at ur address.

    1. Hello Mohit… welcome to this place. :)
      The title sounds really appealing…do let me know a bit more about the book and a wesbite if there is one. I would love to review the same.

  4. Hi,

    I would like to have my first book “Navarasa by Lotus” (“..by Lotus” is a part of title!) be reviewed by you. It is a collection 9 interlinked stories. More details can be found on http://9emos.wordpress.com

    Can you please let me know how I can make my book reach you.

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. Hello Rajiv. The book sounds really interesting and I would love to read and review it. But since I will be going out of town in a couple of days, I doubt if I will be able to do it justice at the moment. If you will keep me informed, I will try my best and let you know…or perhaps you could channel it through Blogadda.

      All the best for the book! :)

      1. Hi,

        I am glad that you liked the blurb!

        Shall I ping you after a few days? Or I can send the book to you now and you can pick it up for reading any time later (as long as it takes…) :)

        Thank you,


        1. Phew, glad you aren’t looking for a very near-future deadline. :)
          Let me just get done with this preoccupying task at hand and in a few days, I can work it out. And I will ensure it won’t be an “as long as it takes”. :)

  5. Hello Debby, first things first… I love the title of your blog :) Being the foodie, I was instantly drawn to it :D And I love the red chilly on the blog… spices things up ;)

    1. Hello Nova… a warm welcome to Saddi Delhi. :D
      I am delighted you liked the chilly… I take compliments directed at the chilly very personally. :D Hope to see you around.

    1. Usha di… thank you so much. It feels so good to get a blogging award from you. You, who is my old, old fellow poet and senior. ;) Hopping over to your blog to smile about my awards… keep smiling. :)

    1. Hey! Thank you Zee! What could be better this year-end season than an award or two? :) Delighted you like this place…really appreciate it. :) I am going to go through the other blogs on that link right away…

  6. Knocked at your address by chance… some postman gave me your url… the paneer looked spicy… I decided to stay for longer…delicious pulao won my heart! Even I have been struggling to keep my fondness with the address I have currently…keeping till I am convinced to change it! Any suggestion? :) I had a good time reading your posts!

    1. My vote of thanks go out to the nice postman who told you about this restaurant of mine. :D Thanks a lot for dropping by Karan and like I said, I hope you’ll drop by more often.
      Yes, the fondness with a URL is hard to get over – and that’s the reason why I didn’t have the heart to let go of P & P. I think the title – Food for thought – fascinating. But yes, Beyond Investments had me wondering for a while. :)

  7. Hi,

    As I said before, I would like to send you my novel for review on this blog. Please let me know how I can do it. I’m no longer thinking of submitting it to Blogadda’s review program. I would like to send it to you personally instead.


  8. Hey, Debo, please stay in touch by gmail, as i have left indiblogger, i don’t wanna miss you sweetie.

    Love u, and ur name too. and pune too.

    1. Hey Mohini! It’s been a while since I read your work… hope you’re doing good. I will surely try and be in touch… why did you suddenly quit though? :(

      Take care dear… keep blogging. :D

  9. i am a die hard, self confessed pune lover…
    just stumbled upon your blog from somewhere…with the anem of ‘Pune’ in your blog, i am already sold :)
    will go through the posts now…sigh…Pune !!! (am now in mumbai :( … )

    1. Hey, I am a Pune lover as well. Now the type who’s maintaining a long distance relationship. :(
      Glad you dropped by…
      I hope you have a good time going through the blog. :D

  10. hey!whatte a lovely blog u have here! :) just managed to read a few posts and had a smile plastered on my face! congrats on being the notable newbie on blogaddA! :D

    n i m blogrollin u rite away on mine! :)

    1. Hey Vinitha :D
      I am so happy you enjoyed reading my posts so much… glad they made you smile.
      Thanks a lot for dropping you… hope to see you around more often! :D

    1. I have always wanted to visit Kerala. Everyone tells me its a beautiful place. Sadly no plans have yet worked out but hopefully one day.
      Glad you are enjoying the blog Mind’s coffin! :D

  11. Keep it as it is and post about delhi.. who really cares about what title you have on your blog??

    I started my blog titled ‘ragasofGITAM’ .. GITAM is the name of my college.. it’s been 2 years since I left my college.. I still run the blog under that name.. in your words, its an ode to my college..

    1. Hmm you’re right in people caring about the content but the organizer in me kind of cares. :P

      Oh that’s really nice… college memories never quite go away. I’ll keep the blog too, perhaps just change the title.

  12. I suggest you continue in this blog.. Rename the blog (I am not sure you can do that..) or just create a new blog and import all your old posts.. :)
    This is a history which you want to revist.. Some awesome writings..

    1. Yes, I guess you can only change the title/description but not the URL. The importing suggestion sounds good; I can have a Pune archive in the new blog and when I return, I can add posts there… so it will be a Delhi-Pune combo. :D Thanks Shuba. :D

  13. It is interesting .. because I have recently moved to Delhi after staying in Pune for a decade. And I am writing about Delhi frequently – more on my Marathi blog than English – Good to note that you like Pune. I am sure you would be glad to know that I like Delhi :-)

    1. Hey Aativas.
      Wow what a study in contrasts! :D
      Oh I am super glad to learn that you like Delhi. Will certainly check out your writings on my home city. Thank you for dropping by.

  14. Hii. i was referred to ur site by saru. I am a problogger. u can check out my website which has been mentioned here. But have to say, im spellbound by your writing style. i just lovedddd it. it shows here u have taken out creative time for each of ur posts and each of them has been covered with a quick wit. Not to mention the creative domain name or the design :) Puts me to shame as most of my time is spent tweaking the search engines rather than writing articles ;) hehe. But seriously. Amazing work dear. keep it up.

    1. Hey Hitesh :)
      Delighted you enjoyed going through my blog… thanks a lot. :D

      Haha credit for the domain name should go to the restaurants who served me paneer and pulao all my initial months in Pune.
      Hope to see you around. :)

    1. And now i have taken a full circle and reached pune again. I shifted here last week. There’s a banjara kida in me that keeps forcing me to move everytime. first delhi, then pune, then delhi back and now pune once again.

      Fortunately my blog wasn’t location specific and I can keep it.

  15. Pune, as I told, gave me my first taste of freedom. I lived alone with guys my age, enjoyed the food outside, and did a lot of masti. What I like about your blog is that I am able to travel with you to all the places that I had been. Have you written something about ganpati visharjan. I liked it a lot.

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